Stress; The Underlying Factor To Being Unhealthy

Stress is in all of us. Consequently, it comes down to how we handle it. As well as how we allow it to affect us and those we interact with.



Since it is the underlying factor to a lot of the diseases in our lives, should it not be a top priority to alleviate? In today’s world, it has become more prevalent, thanks to our sedentary ways of being. We have more automation which in turn brings out a lack of active movement. Instead, we have to be more conscientious of how much activity we are getting in a day, rather than it just happening as we go. This has brought on a higher rate of obesity in society, which in turn has lead to new levels of stress.

Stress is a by-product


Stress is a byproduct of our life not matching up with what we believe it should be. I will give you a quick example. You know that “To Do” list we all keep? Let’s say that there are 10 items on it at the start of the day. By the end of the day, 9 of the 10 items listed have been completed. The majority of people would not be happy that they completed most of the list. They won’t pat themselves on the back for what they did do. Rather they will focus on the one missed item that was not taken care of. This situation will create stress because the world is not matching up to what is believed it should be. Why do we think the world should be this way? How can we instead turn the thoughts of what we don’t have or are not doing into a gratefulness for what we do have and or managed to do? How can we be grateful for where we are at and choose happiness in the moment? Being able to settle in the present and be thankful for where we are it, is a starting point for lessening our stress.

Stress affects our overall well-being


Stress not only affects our inner lives but it also can affect how we perform at work and how we interact with our family and friends. Going back to my point in our last article; the number one roadblock that we have in our lives is ourselves. We like to think that it is other people. We want to take the easy road and blame it all on the fact that life dealt us a bad hand. Perhaps if we had either a better education or had gotten more money from our parent’s things would be different. Yet if we are completely honest with ourselves we could see that it always comes back to how we view ourselves and where we place the value in our lives. Therefore the question then becomes, how do we get our thought limiting self out of the way? You can have the kind of body you want, a stress-free environment to live in and the kind of house or car you dream of. Whatever success means to you, you can create it, if you could only value yourself enough to do it.

Commit to Change


Seeing the value in yourself (add a link from last artilce to these words) will bring about the commitment it takes to make the necessary changes. No matter how uncomfortable or difficult it may get success is possible.

Commit to the changes in your life by


 – Seeing your value and worth

 – Committing to making the changes happen

 – Surrounding yourself with people that will hold you accountable

Every time you take a step towards a goal, rather than looking at what you are not doing remember to focus on and acknowledge yourself for what you do accomplish. Find the amazing by pushing past the knowing and commit to the changes. 


You can become happy with where you are at in your life, content with what you have while moving forward to what you want with greater ease. Lowering your stress less by getting your physical side in order, will also support you in having the kind of relationships that you want in your life. Although the physical is not your only side to work on it is also an integral part of them all. If your physical side is out of sorts whether it be your weight, smoking and or drinking habits it will affect how you create relationships with your family, your friends, with work and even financially. Be happier within yourself. Create the life you want.

We have been running these 5 levels of training sessions for 20 years now. Our sessions ask the question; “How quickly can you achieve your goals?” Commit to yourself because you deserve to have those things. Come to the training and start taking your life on.

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