Focus; Where Is Most Of Yours Being Spent?

Why are so many people feeling like they are missing something in their life?




Are you feeling like there is something missing from your life? You are most likely feeling that way because it is true to some degree or another. Think about the past 3 – 6 months, or maybe even go back an entire year. Where have you been spending most of your time and energy? For a lot of us, that time is being focused on our careers and finances. I don’t mean just a typical 40 hour work week. We also have to take into account the time spent away from either one where we are spending energy thinking about it and or stressing over it. Many times, even when we set goals to get where we want to be in life, they all break down to the same starting point; how much will it cost and am I working in a position that will allow for it to happen.


Of course, our status and wealth are of importance but they should not be the only areas of focus. There is so much more involved. There are our relationships, physical health (Link here), our contribution and leadership. Most of us end up feeling out of balance because we choose to focus in on one area way more than the rest. If you are like me you tell yourself; “If I just make more money, then things will work out.” We need to get away from this thought process and instead learn to balance out where we are spending our time and energies.


In order to do this, we need to first look at our lives and understand where our time and energy is being spent most of the time. We need to ask ourselves, what is truly important to us, what really makes us happy? Spend some time taking a look at the goals that you are setting. Are they what you really want in life or are they restrained to those choices simply because you don’t have the finances or time to do more?




Why would we want to take leadership in our lives? Leadership is about work right? When we hear the word we tend to think about leading a company or a department. In our training sessions though, when we refer to leadership we are talking about a person’s every day. For sure we can lead at work but how I would define the word would be; your ability to influence others. Without realizing it we are always doing that in our everyday lives. How are you influencing others is important and even more so how are you influencing yourself? Are you heading in a direction that makes you truly, deeply, right to the core happy? Leadership always starts with self. Leading ourselves in health and happiness will in turn positively influence those around us.






As with leadership we are also always contributing to those we come into contact with. Although most people think of charity when they hear the word, it is so much bigger than that. Contribution can even be seen in our relationships. Taking a closer look at why people don’t contribute, we find that most times it is not because they don’t want to. Instead, it is more the issue that they don’t feel they have anything to offer. People tend to believe that they should get their side of things in order first before starting to give back. I say, there is no time like the present. As with leadership, we must start within. It is not about forgetting oneself so you can give to others. The question you need to ask is; how do I contribute to myself while giving back to others?


Contribution and leadership are part of creating balance in your life. I would say that they are a quarter of the puzzle. Finances and your career are another part. Relationships; with others as well as yourself is also a portion. Finally, your physical side, which includes things like your energy and stress levels as well as your weight make up the remaining portion. When we take a holistic approach, considering all sides of our human nature, that is when we truly start to create balance. Not doing one at the expense of the other. Instead learning to focus on all fours sides at the same time.

Set Your Focus

Come and do the discovery training with us and learn how to set your focus on all four sides of yourself. Discover what is holding you back from contributing to yourself, from making the money you want to make or from being the weight you wish to be. Take the opportunity to set some goals, achieve them and begin to live a truly fulfilled and balanced life.



Relationships Are Built On Face To Face Connections

Most of my life has been spent in ownership or management of companies, more specifically restaurants. At one point I had a staff of 150 people, I was newly married and my first son was on his way. I wanted to be successful in both life and my business but I also knew I wanted to be a successful Dad. The problem I was facing was that the two worlds did not work well together. I usually ended up working 6 days per week, 12-13 hours per day. I worked most of the time. Being a good dad was not going to happen on that kind of schedule. I started to look at ways I could change my life. How was I going to create balance and still have the same kind of financial freedom I wanted?

I took a mind opening training session that helped me to see where I needed to let go and where I needed to step up. I managed to take my 6 day work week down to 4. My relationship with my wife went from a 10 to a 20. I was able to be there for my son. The training I took taught me how to create the kinds of relationships that I wanted in my life. Over the last 23 years, we have gone from the restaurant industry to having our own training company that keeps us growing in our own lives while allowing us to support others on their journey to balance for their own.


People tend to think that they don’t have time to create relationships. The reality is it has nothing to do with time. Relationships are about the quantity of time rather than the quality.


Be Present –



In today’s world, we can all be sitting in a room watching the same movie. What you will find though, is some people will be on their phone, while others are on their computer. No one is present in the moment. We have to be willing to put away our distractions and focus on who we are with and what we are doing at the moment. This is necessary for building meaningful relationships. Quality time comes from being present in the moment even if it is a short amount of time. 


Listen To One Another –


We are so busy in our everyday lives that we tend not to really take the time to listen to each other. Here in Discovery, we hear a lot of; “he doesn’t listen to me” or “she doesn’t hear what I am saying”. This happens when we are not present with who we are with. By focusing on what we have to take care of later that day or even tomorrow we miss out on what is being said at the time.

If you spend some time watching kids you will see that they are great at being present in the moment. They are about what is happening right now, not thinking about what comes next or what just happened. Instead, they are always present and in the moment surrounding them. Somewhere along the line, we lose the ability to live in the moment with ease. Instead, we choose to make other things more important. We start to worry about the what ifs. We tend to hold grudges from the past and in turn, forget to be present in the now.


Relationships –



In order to create relationships, we need to be present in the now. We need to be present for our kids, our significant others and anyone else that is in our lives. Today’s technological world has definitely contributed to the difficulty in making this a priority. With people constantly on their phones, snapchatting, tweeting, emailing and or texting, we have begun to see that as our main way of communicating. We build relationships with face to face communication and minimal phone conversations. It is hard to really know someone’s thoughts or feelings when you are only reading a text version of them. We can understand the words in a text. Although we will not really feel or know what truly matters to the person behind them.

We create relationships through our interactions with one another. We are not going to move away from technology but we do need to move towards a more personal way of connecting in our relationships. One that will deepen them and have them last. We need to put more focus on how we can connect and then spend our time, even if it is limited physically doing just that.


Relationships Are About Give and Take

Why is it so difficult to create and keep long lasting relationships?


One thing that changes for us as we get older is we start to create judgments about ourselves, other people, our interactions with them and who they are. Those judgments or resentments start to cloud our creation of relationships with other people. We start to ask questions like; “Can I trust this person?, Am I able to be open with this person? Is it possible to really love them?” Or “What if they find out this about me?” All those judgemental thoughts cloud our ability to be open with others. It is a slow process that we don’t even realize is happening. Year in and year out as we are growing up we lose the ability more and more to be in the moment and just enjoy the person we are with.


How do we recreate those open, honest kinds of relationships?




How do we get back to being in the moment? The simple answer for people is if you want to have trust in your relationship you have to be trusting. If you want to have openness you have to be open. The same goes for love. If you want love in your relationship you have to be loving. It starts with you. We keep expecting others to create the kind of relationships we crave. When the truth is if you want a certain kind of relationship you have to be willing to create it for yourself. The same applies whether it is a family, friends or business type of relationships. You have to give what you want in order to get that in return.

What do you hold back in your relationships?


The problem that most of us face is; we have been given more than one reason not to be trusting anymore. Our past experiences have jaded us to the point of retracting within ourselves. So how do we learn to be open and trusting again? What things are we holding back in our relationships? How do we get them back? They were once a part of who we were. We did have the ability to be open and trusting, loving and caring. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, the ability was lost.



In Discovery we take a look at:

  • How can you learn to be trusting again?
  • Ways to learn to be open again.
  • How can you learn to be loving and caring again?
  • What are the things that you are holding back?


In class, we take a closer look at all those questions and work on figuring out how to get back to being the fun, loving, caring child that we once were. Wouldn’t it be great to live life from the passion of a 4-year-old and have that kind of fun in your life every single day?


Find Your Passion –




How can you live your life every day with that same kind of passion you had as a child? As we grow older people tend to believe that their passion disappears. When it is really still there in the background waiting to be drawn out. The truth is you are who you are no matter where you go in life. You don’t wake up in the morning and decide to put on a work head and then change it at the end of the day for coming home. You are the same on both sides, no matter how different we like to think we are.

Finding my passion


I will give you an example of this from my own life. In order to make the changes I wanted at work I needed to start working on my relationships there. I changed how I cared about my staff and began to work on and build relationships with them. I wasn’t buddy-buddy with them all the time but instead chose to get out of my office to listen and find out what mattered most to them. Over a period of time, they began to see that I cared about them and their well-being. Once they felt that care they began to step up their game. They started taking ownership of what they were doing there for the company. As a result, I didn’t even have to choose to work less. Rather they would say; “Hey, we’ve got this. You don’t need to be here right now.” It started with me, finding my passion for caring for them. That, in turn, made them care about me.


It comes down to being what you want so that you attract those kinds of relationships in your life. If you want to find a strong and powerful, confident, successful man or woman, then you need to be just that yourself. You have to get back to trusting yourself and regaining the confidences you had back when you were a child. You absolutely can regain what you lost. The first step is to recognize, what you are missing and also holding back on in your life. Then begin practicing bringing those back into your relationships.


Relationships are the foundation of everything –




Everything we do is run by our connections and relationships with others. It is the very foundation by which all things start. In Discovery we work with tools but more importantly, we teach you how to find the answers for yourself from within. The answers are there and whenever you find them for yourself they tend to stay with you a lot longer than if they were just handed to you. Through training, we will answer the question “How do I have a 10 relationship with myself?”

If we can get to the point where we feel worthy, confident and believe in ourselves again, we will have so much more to give to our relationships with those around us. We can have that 10 relationship whether it be with ourselves, family, friends or work. We live in the age of technology and it is easy to hide behind it in a state of discouragement. Instead, I encourage you to get out there and actually talk to people. Be with them face to face and interact on a personal level. True success is going to be created based on the relationships we have.


Stress; The Underlying Factor To Being Unhealthy

Stress is in all of us. Consequently, it comes down to how we handle it. As well as how we allow it to affect us and those we interact with.



Since it is the underlying factor to a lot of the diseases in our lives, should it not be a top priority to alleviate? In today’s world, it has become more prevalent, thanks to our sedentary ways of being. We have more automation which in turn brings out a lack of active movement. Instead, we have to be more conscientious of how much activity we are getting in a day, rather than it just happening as we go. This has brought on a higher rate of obesity in society, which in turn has lead to new levels of stress.

Stress is a by-product


Stress is a byproduct of our life not matching up with what we believe it should be. I will give you a quick example. You know that “To Do” list we all keep? Let’s say that there are 10 items on it at the start of the day. By the end of the day, 9 of the 10 items listed have been completed. The majority of people would not be happy that they completed most of the list. They won’t pat themselves on the back for what they did do. Rather they will focus on the one missed item that was not taken care of. This situation will create stress because the world is not matching up to what is believed it should be. Why do we think the world should be this way? How can we instead turn the thoughts of what we don’t have or are not doing into a gratefulness for what we do have and or managed to do? How can we be grateful for where we are at and choose happiness in the moment? Being able to settle in the present and be thankful for where we are it, is a starting point for lessening our stress.

Stress affects our overall well-being


Stress not only affects our inner lives but it also can affect how we perform at work and how we interact with our family and friends. Going back to my point in our last article; the number one roadblock that we have in our lives is ourselves. We like to think that it is other people. We want to take the easy road and blame it all on the fact that life dealt us a bad hand. Perhaps if we had either a better education or had gotten more money from our parent’s things would be different. Yet if we are completely honest with ourselves we could see that it always comes back to how we view ourselves and where we place the value in our lives. Therefore the question then becomes, how do we get our thought limiting self out of the way? You can have the kind of body you want, a stress-free environment to live in and the kind of house or car you dream of. Whatever success means to you, you can create it, if you could only value yourself enough to do it.

Commit to Change


Seeing the value in yourself (add a link from last artilce to these words) will bring about the commitment it takes to make the necessary changes. No matter how uncomfortable or difficult it may get success is possible.

Commit to the changes in your life by


 – Seeing your value and worth

 – Committing to making the changes happen

 – Surrounding yourself with people that will hold you accountable

Every time you take a step towards a goal, rather than looking at what you are not doing remember to focus on and acknowledge yourself for what you do accomplish. Find the amazing by pushing past the knowing and commit to the changes. 


You can become happy with where you are at in your life, content with what you have while moving forward to what you want with greater ease. Lowering your stress less by getting your physical side in order, will also support you in having the kind of relationships that you want in your life. Although the physical is not your only side to work on it is also an integral part of them all. If your physical side is out of sorts whether it be your weight, smoking and or drinking habits it will affect how you create relationships with your family, your friends, with work and even financially. Be happier within yourself. Create the life you want.

We have been running these 5 levels of training sessions for 20 years now. Our sessions ask the question; “How quickly can you achieve your goals?” Commit to yourself because you deserve to have those things. Come to the training and start taking your life on.

Value Our Health And Our Well-Being

 Why don’t we place more value on our health and well-being?



Many people come to us, looking for help with ways to lose or gain weight, wanting support with quitting smoking and also drinking. Most of us know that we want to get into shape. We say we want better health. We even know that eating properly and also
working out is good for us, so why don’t we do it? In our training sessions, we
look at the physical side of the spectrum to find out what people are seeking
and learn best how to get there. We dig deeper to figure out what the specific
roadblock is, that is getting in the way. We learn how to place a greater value on ourselves.



A common roadblock people face is commitment. People say that they want something but how far are they willing to go to get it? Most of us will go a certain distance
but then an obstacle gets in the way. Something else becomes more important so
we don’t end up placing as much value on our original goal. Our physical health
is serious, top of the commitment chart. Why don’t we put more value on

I used to run one of the biggest health clubs in Southern California. As you probably know, a health club is always full every year come January. People keeping their commitment to working out 3-4 times per week. They start to feel good inside and out. Then comes week 3 in January and their commitment drops to 2-3 times per week. By the end of January, most of those people who had big dreams at the beginning of the month are down to 1-2 visits in a week. By time February hits the club is deserted again. Why does this happen? We know and we believe that we want to get into shape. We even know that working out and eating right is good for us, so why can’t we stay committed?

Instead, we tend to place a higher value on our jobs, our friends and our family’s; over and above ourselves. What we miss most times, is the realization that by not taking care of ourselves we will not be able to manage very long in the care of everything and everyone else around us. Therefore how can we learn to be committed to placing value on ourselves?

At Liberty and Balance, we understand that every person’s roadblocks are unique to each individual. Therefore our classes are experiential. They are a place where we
teach people how to identify their roadblocks and also what needs to happen in order
to overcome them. Once we understand that the main roadblock in our lives is
ourselves, then we can work towards making a change. We can prioritize what is
most important and what is deemed necessary to work on first. Our classes also allow
for people to connect with others struggling in the same areas. Creating a
network of people on a deeper connected journey to the top. People who will not
only be there to support the changes as they happen but will also hold others
accountable in reaching their goals.


Are you committed?




Whether it is quitting smoking, drinking, losing and or gaining weight, it all starts with the same questions; “Do we see the value in it for us? Are we willing to make the commitment?” We are all going to have roadblocks. Consequently, we are all going tohave obstacles that get in the way of what we truly want. Can we make the commitment to complete the work needed for the necessary changes just by simply seeing the value in it for ourselves? And even more importantly, can we see the value in ourselves as people?



Financial Wealth; Overcoming Your Personal Roadblocks



Have you been seeking success at creating financial wealth in your life? Have you been hitting roadblocks that you cannot seem to find a way around? Read on, for some pointers on where to start making life changing decisions.


Where Is Your Point A? –


The first step to creating financial wealth is figuring out where you are at. Sometimes people think they know until they sit down and really spend some time on it. It can be uncomfortable to look at one’s finances. Some people come to realize that they are doing a lot worse than they thought and others find that things are not as bad as they seemed. Whatever the outcome this first step is vital to moving forward in financial growth.


What Do You Truly Want? –


The second step to creating financial wealth is for people to figure out what it is that they truly want in life. If you could start with a clean slate what are your deepest dreams? A lot of the time when asked this question people tend to focus on what they don’t want. Looking deep within and trying to figure out what we truly want can be overwhelming and scary. It may mean realizations of how difficult it can be to reach those dreams. It may mean disappointments when we fail multiple times on our way to the top. Although that can be a stressful place to be, sometimes when we focus on avoiding what we don’t want we can actually contribute to ushering it in. Hectic lives and busy schedules can make it difficult to find the time to work on what we really want but it is an important step to reaching financial wealth.



What Holds You Back? –


The third step to creating financial wealth for yourself would be to figure out what is it that is holding you back. What is holding you back from creating the money you wish you create? There is some digging that has to take place in this step as there is a lot going on underneath the surface. I would go so far as to say some of the roadblocks in our path stem from our childhood experiences. Therefore this requires time and maybe even support in trying to figure out just where the roadblocks are in your life.


Discovery Training –


The biggest reason most people don’t achieve the financial success they want is that they don’t believe that they can. People tend to set goals for themselves around financial well-being and when they don’t hit them for one reason or another, it becomes a let-down. We ask ourselves, why bother? Instead of asking ourselves what can we learn and do different the next time around?

Financial success affects all areas of our lives. The stress that the lack of money creates in life affects relationships and personal health. When I say relationships, I am not only referring to outside ourselves but also the one we have with ourselves. If we spend most of our time worrying about bills and how we are going to make ends meet, we are most likely not eating and or sleeping properly. Without good personal health, we cannot possibly connect with others well. If we cannot connect with others well we will not be able to achieve our financial dreams and goals. It is a vicious cycle. In Discovery Training we take a closer look at the balanced approach in life. How do you bring your life into a balanced state of being? The four areas we work on is your physical health, your relationships, your financial success and also how you lead and contribute to life around you. Our training will help you to become aware of where you are at in all those areas. It will bring you to a place where you can begin to work on your own personal balance and growth.




So, if time and money were not an issue what would you wish for? Join us in our Discovery Training sessions. Where we can support your search for the answers in steps 1, 2, 3 and beyond. Journey to find out where you are at and what it will take to get you to where you want to be.