Experiential learning has always been the most effective ways to learn. When we learned how to walk, talk or ride a bicycle, we failed, we succeeded, we created our own experiences of what worked and did not work. Ultimately, when we learn from doing and experiencing through repetition, we retain more of what we learn.

The training methodology utilized in our programs incorporates highly-impactful experiential learning in a safe, focused environment to provide participants with their own valuable experiences. Through challenging your own self-limiting beliefs and becoming aware of what drives you to do what you do, you will discover more effective ways of creating results in your life.

The training process caters to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, since each individual has their own unique experiences and perspectives in life. The training is designed in a way that each individual will have their own experiences of what works and does not work for them. The end results are to enhance the participants’ personal and professional effectiveness in accelerating results.

The classes utilize many effective modalities of learning. No one style works for everyone. Like a buffet people are encouraged to “taste” or participate fully and reserve evaluation till the end. In this way value is a by-product of a commitment to self.

Training Methods include:

  • Interactive discussions- These produce many interpretations and involvement for expanded perspectives.
  • One- to One – Communication processes with a partner
  • Group Exercises and Games- These provide a challenge and participation levels that are unique in their leadership potential and illumination of deeper awareness
  • Visualizations or (Closed Eye)- An opportunity to connect with self minus distractions and intellectual opinion
  • Role play- Theatre type process to challenge an expanded self-expression and confidence
  • Journal work- Assignments are given as course curriculum that add layers of integration to the day’s activities
  • Mingles- Opportunity to meet and interact with other participants that creates learning and fun.
  • Trainer interactions- The conductor or trainer of the workshop uses his role to ask questions, coach through feedback, and facilitate your journey through the information
  • Meal breaks- Although obviously nourishment, in addition you will be expected to have “working meal” breaks with small groups to broaden your experience.
  • Logistics and Registration- It is encouraged to dedicate your time, free of distraction, for you to fully participate. There are simple ground rules to create maximum value and fairness of all participants. They require being on time and full attendance to the training sessions, no electronic devices (except silent mode) or use outside of the seminar room to minimize distractions. Participants’ attendance is confidential to allow maximum trust. No solicitation of any kind during training days.
    The training methodology utilized in the Discovery Training works. We guarantee that through the Discovery Training process you will absolutely create immediate positive changes in your life. If you do not create any value from the Discovery Training, simply notify the office within 48 hours of completing the program and you will be refunded your tuition less a small processing fee.

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