Most of the topics covered in the Discovery Training are universal concepts that you may have heard of in different areas of your life. This class offers an intense and highly-impactful training model that supports you in living these concepts immediately, rather than just knowing about them. As the sessions are packed with valuable tools and techniques, taking advantage of the free repeat trainings is a great way to practice and master the tools and techniques.

Topics covered in the Discovery Training:

  • Success Strategies – Getting to where you want to be sooner.
  • Wealth and Abundance – Creating wealth and living a life of abundance.
  • Personal and Professional Achievement – Creating balance and peace of mind.
  • Leadership Skills – Developing strong leadership qualities and being a leader of self.
  • Management Skills – Working effectively with people and building strong teams.
  • Relationships – Building long-lasting, quality personal and professional relationships.
  • Communication – Communicating effectively is crucial to success in today’s environment.
  • Effective Listening – The 3 ways to listen; only one is effective in building relationships.
  • Behavior Styles-understanding why people act the way they do so that you can learn how to create a successful relationship with anyone.
  • Being Influential – Connecting with people from how they see the world and what motivates them.
  • Win-Win – The difference between knowing it and living it, based on results.
  • Goal Setting – Effectively setting and achieving your goals and dreams.
  • Time Organization – Setting priorities that support your vision and goals.
  • Intention Vs. Mechanism – The key ingredient in creating the results that you want.
  • Thinking Styles – Focusing on the solutions versus the obstacles.
  • Decision Making – Making decisions faster to get what you really want in life NOW!
  • Urgency – Living in the moment and acting on opportunities before they pass.
  • Commitment – Achieving higher levels of success with this core attitude.
  • Integrity – The importance of keeping your word to yourself and others.
  • Accountability – Learning how to get from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Responsibility – Taking ownership for the results you create in your life.
  • Creativity/Imagination – Seeing beyond what you think is even possible.
  • Problem Solving – Finding solutions to break through obstacles and challenges faster.
  • Visualization – The secret technique most successful people use to create their results.
  • Creating a Positive Environment – Understanding how you attract the results into your life.
  • Contribution – Operating from unconditional giving and receiving.
  • Synergism of Organization – Working in harmony with others to amplify your results.
  • Attitude – Improving your self-image, assertiveness, self-confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Programs/Paradigms – Knowing what drives you that create your results and changing it.
  • Personal Power – Believing in yourself and living up to your greatness and true potential.
  • Imaginary Boundaries – Break through on what is holding you back in getting what you want.
  • Risk-Taking – Doing things differently to get different results.
  • Overcoming Fear – Creating a new relationship with fear so that it supports your success.
  • Health and Energy – Having better health and more energy throughout the day.
  • Stress Management – Dealing with and reducing stress in your life.
  • Relaxation Techniques – Getting focused, calm, grounded and better rest.

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