Focus; Where Is Most Of Yours Being Spent?

Why are so many people feeling like they are missing something in their life?




Are you feeling like there is something missing from your life? You are most likely feeling that way because it is true to some degree or another. Think about the past 3 – 6 months, or maybe even go back an entire year. Where have you been spending most of your time and energy? For a lot of us, that time is being focused on our careers and finances. I don’t mean just a typical 40 hour work week. We also have to take into account the time spent away from either one where we are spending energy thinking about it and or stressing over it. Many times, even when we set goals to get where we want to be in life, they all break down to the same starting point; how much will it cost and am I working in a position that will allow for it to happen.


Of course, our status and wealth are of importance but they should not be the only areas of focus. There is so much more involved. There are our relationships, physical health (Link here), our contribution and leadership. Most of us end up feeling out of balance because we choose to focus in on one area way more than the rest. If you are like me you tell yourself; “If I just make more money, then things will work out.” We need to get away from this thought process and instead learn to balance out where we are spending our time and energies.


In order to do this, we need to first look at our lives and understand where our time and energy is being spent most of the time. We need to ask ourselves, what is truly important to us, what really makes us happy? Spend some time taking a look at the goals that you are setting. Are they what you really want in life or are they restrained to those choices simply because you don’t have the finances or time to do more?




Why would we want to take leadership in our lives? Leadership is about work right? When we hear the word we tend to think about leading a company or a department. In our training sessions though, when we refer to leadership we are talking about a person’s every day. For sure we can lead at work but how I would define the word would be; your ability to influence others. Without realizing it we are always doing that in our everyday lives. How are you influencing others is important and even more so how are you influencing yourself? Are you heading in a direction that makes you truly, deeply, right to the core happy? Leadership always starts with self. Leading ourselves in health and happiness will in turn positively influence those around us.






As with leadership we are also always contributing to those we come into contact with. Although most people think of charity when they hear the word, it is so much bigger than that. Contribution can even be seen in our relationships. Taking a closer look at why people don’t contribute, we find that most times it is not because they don’t want to. Instead, it is more the issue that they don’t feel they have anything to offer. People tend to believe that they should get their side of things in order first before starting to give back. I say, there is no time like the present. As with leadership, we must start within. It is not about forgetting oneself so you can give to others. The question you need to ask is; how do I contribute to myself while giving back to others?


Contribution and leadership are part of creating balance in your life. I would say that they are a quarter of the puzzle. Finances and your career are another part. Relationships; with others as well as yourself is also a portion. Finally, your physical side, which includes things like your energy and stress levels as well as your weight make up the remaining portion. When we take a holistic approach, considering all sides of our human nature, that is when we truly start to create balance. Not doing one at the expense of the other. Instead learning to focus on all fours sides at the same time.

Set Your Focus

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