Is Your “Autopilot” Taking You Where You Want To Go?


Do you ever have those moments when you say something and think, “Oh no, I sound just like my mom (or dad)?” When you were younger and your parents would use that phrase, you would say to yourself, “I’m never going to be like that with my kids. I’m never going to say that.” But now, you hear those same words come out of your very own mouth. What happened?

Your 95%

Those words are part of your 95% or looked at another way, your autopilot. You make 95% of your decisions on autopilot without realizing it. Maybe even today, someone asked you something and you responded, as you always do, thinking you were making a conscious decision. If you really think about that moment, you realize you put in little to no thought. Truth is, you filter everything through all of your experiences; you filter everything through the 95% before you respond. And this filtering is automatic with little thought or intention.


You and your car on autopilot


Think back to when you first learned how to drive. When you got behind the wheel of a car, you took a few minutes to check everything before you started to drive. You checked and adjusted the mirrors until they were perfect, you adjusted the seat just right and your hands were on 10 and 2. When you changed lanes, you consciously checked the mirror, double-check over your shoulder, and you used the turn signal every time.

Fast-forward to today. Did you take the same amount of time before you started your car this morning, or did you just jump in and go? Even though we should not text while driving, we see people texting while driving all the time. People sneak in text messages, eat a hamburger and talk on the phone all while driving. Why? Because driving has become a part of your autopilot; you learned to drive so well that you have stopped thinking about it. You no longer give driving the same focus and attention as you did when you first learned how to drive.



What if you were to learn something new, such as riding a motorcycle? Would you just jump on the motorcycle and go? No, you would not because riding a motorcycle differs from driving a car. Driving a motorcycle is not a part of your 95%.


Your 95% rules your life

This 95% rule applies to all aspects of your life. Your relationships are a certain way because you are on autopilot. Because of your 95%, you have been doing things a certain way. If you want your relationships to look different, staying on autopilot will not support you in creating something new and different.

Autopilot, this 95%, dictates so much of your life. This 95% dictates the amount of money you make, the car you drive, the house you live in, even the clothes you wear. Is your 95% serving you? Would figuring out your what your 95% is, support you? Figuring out what is within your 95% that serves you well. What is amazing about it? What is holding you back from creating the results you want?



Maybe you want to spend more time with friends and family but you want to make more money too. If your 95% is telling you that in order to make more money you have to work harder and you are already working 60 to 80 hours a week, then you will think you are at your money cap. And you will think you cannot earn more money and spend more time with friends and family. Impossible, you say. Your 95% conflicts with your dreams and desires.


Rule your own life

In Discovery, you will have the opportunity to create a new relationship with your 95%, with your autopilot, so you can create the results you want. Sometimes we tell ourselves that all we need is to work harder when really we need to just be more effective.



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How To Accelerate Your Results To Get What You Want Faster & Easier
Does this sound familiar?

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