Are Self-Help Books Effective In Accelerating Your Results?


What self-help books have you read?


I am sure that some of you have read a lot of self-help books. Think back over the last year, what are three books that you bought? If you are anything like me you love to buy books with the thought, “I’ll get to them.” Of those three books, which ones have you actually read and would you say were effective in accelerating your results to a better you? What are the ideas or statements that you remember and or have put into use from them?


I read books all the time so I am absolutely not knocking them. What I want us to understand is the difference between reading and action. I get asked on a regular basis, “You know, Littley, what’s the difference between doing this training called Discovery and reading?” What I always tell people is this; just imagine reading a romance novel and then being in a relationship. Would you say they are a little different? Reading about it and experiencing it are of course two totally and completely different areas of life.


What do you remember from your past?

Discovery Training is an experience. What are you experiencing? You’re experiencing you. You are experiencing how you show up on a day-to-day basis, whether it be in your personal or professional life. As human beings, we tend to remember experiences at a way higher rate than we remember what was read. Therefore it makes sense to that we gain more from putting the tools into practice rather than just reading about how they work.


Imagine with me … how much more effective can you be?

Money is tangible so it’s easier to use that as an example. Say, right now, in a year, you are making $100,000. It takes you fifty weeks of hard work to obtain that amount. With our techniques and tools, you will become more effective and accelerate your results. Instead of it taking you fifty weeks to earn $100,000, what if you could get that done in forty weeks? All of a sudden, you have ten extra weeks left over to maybe spend with your loved ones or go take that vacation that you always wanted to take. Working effectively creates more productivity in a shorter amount of time.



As humans, we all have the same amount of time. We all have twelve months a year, seven days a week with 24 hours in our day so we are not able to give you any more time. Rather here at Liberty and Balance Seminars, we can support you in becoming more effective and in turn that will accelerate your results.



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How To Accelerate Your Results To Get What You Want Faster & Easier
Does this sound familiar?

  • Money has been a source of limitation that dictates which opportunities are for you and which are not
  • Your personal relationships are ok but they could be much better
  • Health is important to you but has been difficult to make it a priority
  • You have a greater contribution to make in the world but are either unsure of what it is or if it is good enough

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this could be the best 55 minutes you will ever spend learning how to get better results in all aspects of your life.